Eco friendly: Walk and charge your cell
Mayuresh Konnur   |   5/31/2009 4:21:57 PM

It is great when you are doing good things for the environment without it being too much of an effort. For instance, imagine saving power just by walking.

Pune's young scientists have developed how to convert this simple aerobic exercise into charging your phone. Now, if your phone's battery is down and you want to talk, then just start walking.

Walk-n-charge is the mobile charger that charges your phone while you are mobile. A 20-minute walk can help charge a cell phone battery for one hour.

The innovation has been developed by a group of students from Pune's College of Engineering and has won them the first prize at the recently-concluded TechFest at IIT Powai.

The device works on simple physics and converts human motion into electrical energy. A retractable string from device connects both legs. A dynamo captures rhythmic movements of the legs and turns it into rotatory motion. The circuit is attached with rechargeable battery.

"We have filed for the patent of this product. Some mobile companies have also contacted us," said Tejas Narsimhan, a student of College of Engineering, Pune.

Weighing just 20 grams, with the help of the device, now you can easily walk the talk.


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