The Green Runners' profiles
Name: Sajjan Dabas

Age: 32yrs. 03/09/1979

Work status: Business

Running status: 2003

Reason for running: For fitness

Reason to participate: To protect and save our environment.

Message: Don't use plastic. Use bicycles, use the car less.

Name: Apurba Kumar Dass

Age: 49 years. 28/09/1963

Work status: Central railway mumbai cst, senior section engineer (telecom)

Running status: 2008

Reason for running: For fitness.

Reason to participate : For the environment

Message: Don't use plastic, use bicycle, use less car, be ecofriendly

Name: Raj Vadgama

Age: 44 years, 18th june 1967

Work status: Interior designer and fitness consultant

Running status: Started running in 2000, ran all standard chartered mumbai marathons, many 50 km ultra runs, many 100 km ultra runs, 100 km on world heart day, all greenathon runs, 160km desert run in rajasthan on 6th april 2012.

Reason for running: Keep myself fit, it's my passion and it's the best way to connect with myself.

Reason to participate: Ndtv's green run is the best platform to convey a message to the world to keep the enviroment green for the future generation

Message: We will cover 9 lac steps in 30 days, 1500 km and ndtv, milind and his team are appealing to the young generation to take atleast one step to keep their world green. Plant a one tree.

Name: Sumedha Mahajan

Age: 28yrs 11/08/1983

Work status: Cannot disclose

Running status: Jan 2009, started in amritsar punjab

Reason for running: I love running

Reason to participate: I will be running for a cause instead of myself. It is an opportunity to work with greenathon, to develop rural india and promote running in india

Message: Life becomes beautiful when we inspire others. Be an inspiration and inspire.

Name - Mahesh Salvi

Date of Birth - 10/06/76

Location - Goregaon, Mumbai

Mahesh is a tour manager at Kesari tours, Pvt limited Mumbai. Mahesh has been running for the past 15 years. Has been part of Greenathon 2, 3 and now 4. Joined the green run for Milind Soman and the cause of green, Has been a fan of Milind Soman since his school days. Mahesh would like to ask the entire nation to Keep fit every day and also try to conserve the environment for our future generations.
Waste Management
Campaign Ambassador
"We have to remember that we can't keep abusing the environment and every one of us can and should do our bit"
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